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What is Mind and Energy?

As a therapist I work with people from all walks of life, all ages and all backgrounds. I am particularly passionate about working with children and have made this the focus of my career. That being said, children exist in an adult’s world, which they will eventually enter and it is our responsibility to prepare and support them on this journey. You are here because you want what is best for your child and I am here because this is my small part in helping children to have the best start in life. The work that will do will be an extension of your aims and goals as a parent and that is part of the conversation that we will have.


There are no such things as bad children. Your child may be struggling, misunderstood, coping as best they can with what they have and ultimately trying their best but unable to get it right. As parents I understand that you may feel that way too sometimes.


I work with children on a one to one basis, helping them to explore their individual circumstances. No two children are the same and every single child deserves an approach to treatment and support that is tailored to their individual needs but just as importantly tailored to fit with your approach as a parent and family. I will sit with them, listen to them, make them feel safe and heard but most importantly, I will provide for them a space that is warm and gentle where they can learn to make connections with a safe and trusted adult. In time, this bond, this alliance we build together will be the template for repairing other relationships in their lives. It doesn’t matter if it is trauma, bereavement, abuse, or behavioural difficulties, no child is beyond help.


Your child is not broken and I am not here to fix them. I use a wide variety of tools and approaches to carry out the work that I do. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, a person centred approach, a trauma informed approach, compassion focused therapy and elements of art and play therapy.

As a therapist my goal is to work with you and help you in supporting your child. This means providing you with relevant reading materials, tools to help with behavioural issues and information on helping you to deal with the stress and strain of being a parent trying to support a child experiencing mental health issues.


As said earlier, from the moment you came to my page and until our work together is done you will not be alone in this.


As an adult seeking support for yourself I want you to know, I have worked with people of all ages and all walks of life. There is no problem too big or small and together we can tackle them head on. Whether it is anxiety, depression, fears, or trauma, I will help you not only to understand your journey but reach the milestones and places on your life that have felt beyond your reach.


I believe that there is nothing lacking in you. You are not broken, you are not missing something. Everything you are and everything you need is already there in you, waiting fir the right moment, the right time and the right support.

The world we live in today is very different from the world our body and minds were designed to live in, it is fast-paced and often stressful, and as some point we may need support to get back on track or to support to become 'unstuck', to learn new ways and ditch the old habits, to have the time and space to explore and heal. This is what this service was developed for, as well as teaching people the skills and techniques to maintain stable mental health.

The mind-body connection has become very popular since 1970. There are vast amounts of evidence that if the mind gets ill the body will follow, and vice versa, so it makes sense that in order to fully heal we need to look after our body as well as our minds. 

To avoid the build-up of toxic emotions, you need to remain present and aware. Paying attention to your thoughts, challenging them, and understanding where they come from and why they still affect you so much, this supports you to process them, and choose how you react. This is why CBT is so effective. Mindfulness then teaches us to acknowledge the thoughts as just thoughts, and let them go.

Mindfulness is another valuable mind-body practice for becoming more present and cantering the mind. Regular meditation practice is a particularly effective way to help the body modulate emotional responses and the accompanying neurochemical patterns that can otherwise flood the body with harmful stress hormones.

Other techniques that focus on the interaction between the body, mind, and behaviour include those therapies that focused on shifting blocked energy in the body, both Reiki and EFT/TFT both work well together to shift blocked chi and shift it evenly around the body.

Our aim is to reconnect the mind and body so that they work together in order to heal those in need of support with their mental ill-health.

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