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Mind&Energy relapse prevention group.


No future dates at the moment.

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid 19 Mind&Energy is offering an 8-week MBCT  mindfulness group to support you to start your own mindful practice. Now is a great time to start a mindfulness practice so you can continue once you're back out there.

This program runs for 1.5 hours a week.


Research suggests MBCT supports those living with mental ill-health to spot and manage any laps or relapse in their mental health. This program uses the teaching and practice of mindfulness as well as the tools and techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy. We also make use of plenty of educational information, homework, a little group work, and a lot of group support. 


If you have enjoyed my free MBCT over zoom, feel free to buy me a coffee!

The online MBCT group is something in development, and your feedback is incredibly important to me. The survey is completely anonymous so feel free to be as honest as you want!


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